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Roni Talley is a respected Financial Services Professional known as The Exit Strategist, specializing in guiding C-Suite Executives through successful transitions to Retirement,

Entrepreneurship, or new corporate endeavors. In addition to her strategic prowess, Roni is a multi-talented individual, acclaimed as a Bestselling Author, Actress, Film Producer, and inspiring Speaker dedicated to uplifting others and helping them realize their full potential in life.


Combining her financial expertise with her creative pursuits, Roni offers a unique perspective and a comprehensive approach to personal and professional development. Whether you're seeking professional guidance, creative insight, or a captivating speaker for your event, Roni Talley is well-equipped to support you on your journey to success and fulfillment.


To connect with Roni and discover how she can assist you in achieving your goals, contact her at (770) 685-5532 or visit for more information.

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