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Hey everybody! My name is Janet C. Pugh.


Just a little about me, I’m a Southern Girl with a Christ-fearing heart. 


I’m a Bama girl born & raised, grew up in church (Avondale Church of Christ-Birmingham, AL), but I didn’t restart my relationship with Christ until I got to college. 


Speaking of college, I graduated in 2018 with a B.S. degree in Journalism with a minor in Bible (emphasis in Youth Ministry). Since August of 2020, I’ve moved back to my new home in Oklahoma City, OK and am currently a Travel Counselor for my alma mater. I jokingly tell people I started my legal adult phase here and the bill-paying phase here. LOL


I guess the best way to describe my job is to say, “I introduce students to what WE have to offer as an institution & also encourage THEM to offer opportunities of change and growth to the campus during their time as a student.”


When I’m not a travel counselor I’m steadily promoting my music and speaking career. That’s the dream- to work in ministry FULL TIME, on MY TIME, using ALL of my gifts to give God all the glory.  So far, so good. 


Fun facts about myself: I truly believe BACON goes with everything, I’ve been in pageantry for over 10 years-Competing on the state level in Alabama & Oklahoma, I love to travel, Peaches are my favorite fruit, I like my tea sweet with flavor, and fashion comfy and colorful (pun intended). I host a podcast ‘Detangle’, and I released my first single ‘Armor’ under the artist name Cecilia. 


I encourage people to use ALL the gifts God has given you-NOW; don’t let them go to waste. 

(Colossians 3:23-24; Matthew 5:14-16)

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