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Angalina McClinton is an educator, speaker, author, and Bible teacher who is passionate about helping people replace their religion for a loving relationship with God. Since becoming “saved, saved,” as she often says, Angalina spends much of her time assisting those assigned to her with growing in their knowledge of God, discipling them so they, too, can make an impact in the lives of others.


She has been in the public educational system for over 10 years, serving in numerous capacities. Her experience as a single mother, combined with her years of educating children from various backgrounds has provided her with the skills needed to help others navigate the challenges that come with single parent families.

Angalina is a contributing writer for the life-changing book the “Tamar Stories Sisterhood: Volume 1”. As the creator of Hagar’s Village (a community of support for single mothers), the leader of the “THE DEEP” Bible study group, and author of her upcoming memoir “The Truth in Love”, Angalina rarely experiences a dull moment. The moments that keep her on her toes, on her knees in prayer and rolling in laughter, are the moments spent with her three children Qingston, Teddy, and Livi.

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