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Ebony Young


Ebony Young is a faithful member of the Harlem Church of Christ in New York City, where Dr. OJ Shabazz serves as the Evangelist. She comes from a grounded Church of Christ background where  her father was a minister of the Church of Christ and mother a public and private school teacher and administrator.  Her parents lived the life! and she feels very happy and blessed  that she had an opportunity to experience activated FAITH right in her home! There's been plenty of joy in her life and plenty of mountains to climb, but Sister Ebony believes that if she keeps her eyes "UP" there is absolutely nothing that she can't achieve, conquer, or purse! Her faith in God has led her in her abundant family life, with loving husband Perry, and three lovely daughters, her church life, where she teaches teen and adult women, and her career life where she now serves at the Queens Deputy Borough President in New York City. And lastly,  but most IMPORTANT: Psalms 121: 1-2  I WILL LIFT UP MY EYES UNTO THE HILLS, FROM WHENCE COMETH MY HELP, MY HELP COMETH FROM THE LORD, WHICH MADE HEAVEN & EARTH. --- and that my friends, is ENOUGH ! 

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