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“Jordan Kierra Hamilton is a 25 year old Dallas native. She is the daughter of Jamell and Carole Hamilton and middle sister to Jayla and Janyece Hamilton. A graduate of Southwestern Christian College. Her academic journey faced a detour in 2021 due to the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and life's unexpected twists and turns.


Undeterred and determined to put her faith in God, she embarked on a diverse career path, initially serving as an accounting clerk, she went on to administrator with the City of Dallas’ newly formed Inspector General Division, in which she was the first Black member. All of this before transitioning into her current role as a paralegal/legal assistant with Haley, Bailey, and Jones Law.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Jordan is deeply involved in her community and church. She serves as an member of the Mountain View Church of Christ, where she sings alto on the Praise Team and serves as the Children’s Worship Director. In her leisure time, Jordan finds joy in exploring new music, traveling, indulging in thrift shopping adventures, and tending to her amateur gardening adventures.


Through life’s ups and downs and knowing divine love and grace, she strives to continue her growth with The Father, inspiring others to embrace on their own life's journey of self-discovery in God.” 

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